The Air Care Alliance has established materials and information that can be of use to individuals and to groups involved in public benefit flying.

Explore our main resource, the Listings page and its links to groups and to our volunteer-operated helpline referral service. It is viewable from the our Home Page or by clicking this Listings link.

FLY SAFELY: See and use the AOPA Air Safety Foundation Volunteer Pilots' Safety Guide available online.

Quite often pilots will find that they can perform missions for their local social service agencies or nonprofit groups in order to help others, and that they can fly into airports that are not restricted. Do follow all pertinent NOTAMS and check the sites above for additional information before flying. Especially do not allow the urgency of the situation to compromise safety. In fact, pilots should add an extra margin to their own personal minimums to compensate for the pressure to be of help. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation and the Air Care Alliance, with grant support from others, collaborated to present safety recommendations for volunteer pilots in the AOPA ASF Guide - "Volunteer Pilots - Recommendations for Enhance Safety." Obtain a PDF copy of the guide by clicking this link: AOPA ASF Volunteer Pilot Safety Guide.

View our list of Links to Other Health Resources on the Internet - nonprofit or informational sites that may be of help to volunteers, social workers, patients, and groups.

For those new to aviation read our "About Flying" page and find information concerning learning to fly and working in the industry.

Learn about important policy issues affecting your flying to help others by studying our Regulations page. You will find guidance concerning FAA, IRS, or ACA Regulations or Policies, such as the use of the new Call Sign "COMPASSION" or relating to pilots taking a TAX DEDUCTION for expenses incurred providing flights to help others.

Volunteer pilot groups and other charitable aviation groups can find forms for submitting an entry to our listings or to become a Member of the Air Care Alliance by visiting our Forms page.

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Finally, a useful source of information concerning aviation support, organizational development, and nonprofit administration is the Wolf Aviation Fund, which has provided help to the Air Care Alliance and its mission. That site also provides extensive links to many other sources of information relating to general aviation on the internet.