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Public Benefit Flying helps thousands of people each year with medical transportation, animal rescue, disaster response, environmental support, and many other reasons

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The Air Care Alliance helps you find the right volunteer pilot organization for you. Use our automated referral system, or view our entire Directory of Groups to find one today.

Learn how as a volunteer pilot you too can fly to help others.

Air Care Conference

Join us this April in Van Nuys, CA for Air Care 2020 hosted by Angel Flight West!

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ACA’s annual Air Care Conference provides an opportunity for leaders, flight coordinators, pilots, staff members, volunteers, and supporters of public benefit flying groups to meet and share ideas, improving our missions of service.



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Changes coming to COMPASSION call sign!

Beginning December 15, 2019, pilots can no longer use the current method of filing CMF for use of the COMPASSION call sign. A new and unique COMPASSION CMF call sign will be required for each pilot who wishes to use CMF after December 15th.

The new COMPASSION call signs can be obtained through the Air Care Alliance who will issue them to verified pilots of authorized organizations upon request of the pilot.

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What is Public Benefit Flying?

Using their own time and general aviation aircraft, pilot volunteers from the many public benefit flying organizations help hundreds of people each month. They and many other non-flying volunteers work to transport patients in need to facilities where they are able to receive medical attention they might otherwise have to do without. Many groups also play a significant role providing disaster and emergency relief, serving our veterans, flying for environmental support, transporting animals, taking youth on educational flights, or performing other community service missions.