Nomination Information

Nomination Information

Next year you may consider the information below to get an idea of what is required in considering submitting a nomination for your candidates. However this information is from a prior year.  The latest information can be found on the NAA website at, and you should use the NAA information in submitting a final nomination package.


Call for Nominations Public Benefit Flying Awards Presented by the National Aeronautic Association In Association with the Air Care Alliance Nominations Accepted through May 31, 2013


The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Air Care Alliance (ACA) have created a set of national awards designed to recognize the contributions of those individuals who fly for the benefit of others, and their public benefit flying organizations. We are asking for your help in identifying those who have been doing outstanding work which should be recognized.

To ensure that your nomination receives full consideration please adhere to the following guidelines. Nominations that do not fall within the specifications listed below might not be considered during the selection process. Nominations must be submitted through qualified organizations or from individuals, as specified in the Nominating and Selection Process section below.

Award Categories and Criteria

Distinguished Volunteer Pilot – awarded to an individual or individuals for outstanding public benefit flying service as a volunteer pilot.
Criteria: Performance that exceeds expectations and distinguishes nominee volunteers and their efforts. Consider the amount and nature of effort, commitment, sacrifice, and impact on clients, organization, and community.

Distinguished Volunteer – awarded to an individual or individuals for outstanding service as a non-flying volunteer working in public benefit flying.
Criteria: Performance that exceeds expectations and distinguishes non-pilot volunteers and their efforts. Consider the amount and nature of effort, commitment, sacrifice, and the impact on clients, organization, and community.

Outstanding Achievement in Advancement of Public Benefit Flying – for outstanding achievement by an individual or organization that helped raise the standard of service of or contributed significantly to the overall advancement of Public Benefit Flying.
Criteria: Outstanding achievement or contribution by an individual, group of individuals, an organization, or group of organizations that significantly raised the standard of service, improved the state-of-the-art, or contributed to the advancement of Public Benefit Flying overall. Consider the size, complexity, and unique value of the achievement and its positive impact on public benefit flying.

Public Benefit Flying Teamwork Award – for outstanding cooperation and coordination involving two or more unaffiliated Public Benefit Flying organizations in the accomplishment of a common mission, task, or objective.
Criteria: Exemplary collaboration involving individuals and/or unaffiliated and independent public benefit flying organizations in order to complete a task beyond the scope and resources of any one public benefit flying organization. Consider the size, complexity, and unique value of the collaboration to the furtherance of public benefit flying efforts.

Champion of Public Benefit Flying – awarded to an individual, organization, or company who, while not operationally directly involved in Public Benefit Flying, has provided extraordinary support for such efforts and thus advanced the cause of Public Benefit Flying.
Criteria: This award is intended for individuals or groups not directly or primarily involved in public benefit flying, for extraordinary support and contributions providing fair winds beneath the wings of public benefit flying organizations and their volunteers. Consider the nature and scope of the support itself and/or its impact on encouraging others to provide the necessary lift for public benefit flying.

General Criteria

Nominees must be either U.S. citizens or U.S. organizations.

Public Benefit Flying is defined as those activities, conducted largely by volunteers, in which one or more general aviation aircraft were used to support the health and well being of anyone needing charitable assistance or for the benefit of the general public, and for which no fee was charged for the aircraft or for pilot services.

Awards are intended to honor the efforts of volunteers working in the field of public benefit flying, or those who support them. Awards may be granted to individuals, teams, groups, or organizations, as appropriate.

Awards may be based on just one or on several extraordinary events or accomplishments or may be based on long term or lifetime achievement. This must be clearly expressed in the nominating material.

Nominators and nominees must understand that the award recipient or a representative is expected to attend the ceremony in Washington D.C. to personally accept the award. Neither NAA nor ACA are able to fund the expenses for attending.

How to Submit Nominations

By Organizations: Each primary administrative office for organizations appearing on the ACA listing of all public benefit flying groups as of March 1, 2012 shall receive an invitation to submit one nomination for each of the above named awards. Certain other organizations which are supportive of or commonly working with volunteers and their public benefit flying groups, or which are knowledgeable in the field of aviation, may also be sent invitations, at the discretion of NAA.

By individuals: An individual may submit nominations for one or more of these awards by forwarding his or her nomination information to the primary administrative office of his or her own organization for consideration as that organization’s candidate(s), or may submit nominations directly to NAA as individuals.

Nomination Format: Each nomination may be no more than five (5) printed pages and be in a form acceptable to NAA, as described here:

Cover and Contact Information (one page): The nomination package will include a cover sheet page specifying the award category proposed and complete contact information for the nominee, the nominator, and two persons who are willing to act as references for the nominee. The contact information shall include the name, title and/or affiliation, mailing address, telephone numbers (work and home), and email address for each person.

Justification (three pages): Give complete yet concise details explaining why the nominee should receive the award proposed. Provide such background information as considered pertinent and any other relevant information that would assist the Selection Committee. Justification for the award shall not exceed three pages in length.

Abstract and Citation (one page): Provide the final separate sheet containing an Abstract of the Justification statement in 75 words or less, plus a draft Citation that might appear on the award itself. The Citation, which must be 30 words or less, should celebrate and capture the essence of the achievement for which the nominee’s name has been submitted


Selection Committee

The selection committee will be comprised of prominent individuals and representatives of aviation organizations nominated by both NAA and ACA. Awardees will be honored at a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Deadline and Submission Process

The nomination, signed by the nominator or by an officer of the administering office of the organization(s) submitting it, must be received by NAA at its offices between now and May 31, 2013. Nominations received after the deadline will not be accepted. Nominations must be submitted by email as an attached Word document emailed to Nominations must be submitted by email as an attached Word document emailed to with the words “PBF Nomination” in the subject line.

The National Aeronautic Association is a non-profit membership organization devoted to fostering opportunities to participate fully in aviation activities and to promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States. NAA is the caretaker of several major aviation awards, and certifies all world and national aviation records set in the United States. For information, visit

The Air Care Alliance is a nonprofit public service organization supporting the work of dozens of volunteer-based charitable organizations whose members fly to help others. ACA is devoted to fostering, enhancing, and promoting public benefit flying in the United States and other countries. For information, visit

NOTE: please remember this page contains information from a prior year.  Please visit to see the actual requirements for the current year.